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Here are our pre-school policies

Pre-school summer menus


Our pre-school works within a four weekly menu. Our chefs, Eloise and Jo, cook our healthy lunches for us everyday and the children make their teas each day where possible. Throughout the day the children prepare their snacks and cut up their own fruit, they also help to set up the tables and pour their own and others drinks. For their school readiness, the lunch time is set up similar to a school where the children collect and carry their lunch to the table! 

                                                                                                                     Our Vision

At Bell Day Pre-School we strive to provide a safe and caring space for young children to build the strong foundations for learning, supporting both them and their families.

We are a nursery and pre-school community, where adults model respect for each other. We see ourselves as an integral part of our wider community as we explore our rural market town and beyond.

We understand that a child’s learning journey is driven by them and their interests, however, we endeavour to provide new learning opportunities to encourage enquiring minds and lead them on to their next steps.     

We are a reflective, inclusive pre-school, differentiating our curriculum to inspire and be accessible for all.   We encourage children to develop a sense of curiosity and give them the tools to build on a lifelong love of learning enabling them to reach their full potential.