We would like to welcome both you and your child to Rainbow Pre-school Room. We hope that the following information will be useful to you, but if you have any further questions, please feel free to talk to any of our staff. Rainbow Room is located at the Lord Butler Leisure Centre which is a five-minute walk from our main nursery building. Here the children have free-flow access to an outdoor area. We ensure that the children’s environment is one that will optimize learning and encourage independence. Our pre-school room is solely for children starting school the following September. All activities and learning opportunities are designed to help children prepare for school. We accommodate up to 28 children per session and we work whenever possible to a ratio 1 adult to 6 children.

Our Staff

We have a team of very experienced practitioners. Lily is our Room manager who has just finished a Foundation Degree in Early Years, Play Work and Education. She is supported by Sophie, her Deputy, and a dedicated team of enthusiastic educators! 

Show and tell

Each week the children are invited to bring in something from home (or from their journey to nursery!) This encourages the children’s confidence as they share something with their friends at Focus Time. We encourage the children to bring in something that they are interested in and this influences the activities that we plan with the children. Sometimes the children may bring in something that starts with same letter sound that we have been looking at in Rainbow Room. 

Home Learning

Every half term we let you know which activities ad experiences we hope to carry out with your child. Our ‘Home Learning’ sheet will also give ideas of ways that you can extend their learning at home.

Our Routine

Each day is made up of periods of free play and more structured play, both indoors and outside in our garden. During each session there is at least one adult led activity, as well as messy play, painting, craft work, play-dough, drawing, puzzles and construction. In the playroom the children can choose from a wide selection of activities, including dressing up, the home corner, small world play, mathematical toys and the I.C.T area.

Focus Time

 In the morning and afternoon the children are involved in a focus group activity time where they all join in with enjoyable activities as they learn a variety of early reading and mathematical skills and action songs, as well as enjoying stories and playing musical instruments. This is when your child’s key person will set aside time do focus activities for the children for their next steps and to encourage the children to get the most out of all learning opportunities.

Outdoor Learning

Our outdoor area can be accessed throughout the day as we use this for free-flow ensuring the children can learn both indoors and outdoors according to their learning style.

Our new allotment located very close to our nursery is ready for planting! The children are learning where our food comes from and taking part in gardening activities.

Arts & Crafts Room

Our art area offers many different tools and resources that the children can select and use in a way that captures their imaginations.


Role play

Or role-play area encourages children to play alongside their friends to create a space they can explore new concepts or role -play using their own life experiences.



We spend time each week exploring new songs, new musical instruments and encourages us to experiment in moving to music. 


We are very lucky to have the opportunity to offer swimming lessons to all children, in collaboration with the leisure centre. More information on this can be given to you when you visit us.



Our work throughout the year is play based and is planned around each child’s interest and preferred way of learning. We are regularly changing the theme around what the children are interested in. More details about this will be sent to you through our online communication app 'Class Dojo'. This will be set up for you when you come for your first visits. 


The Education Grant

Every child is eligible for the Education Grant from the term after their 3rd birthday. The grant can be claimed for 15 hours a week, for 38 weeks of the year. the money is paid directly to us. Nursery fees are worked out on a 12 equal payment basis taking into consideration discounts and the Education Grant. If your child will be leaving during the summer your fees will be calculated up until the end of July, then the final payment in August will be at the normal nursery rate. This is because children leave at intervals throughout July and August and working out the fees becomes rather complicated! All fees are payable in advance,

Open mornings

We love visitors!

We enjoy inviting parents in for special events such as Mother’s/Father’s Day, Nativity plays, Sports days and other times. We love parents coming in to share a special skill that they have or to share experiences unique to their culture.

Coat and art pegs

Each child in pre-school participates in self-registration and finding their name for their bag hole. This support their recognition of their name and letters.


As a room we love to get out and about on learning adventures. We often venture out to Bridge End Gardens, The Market, The Museum and Herberts Farm. We also venture further a field at times visiting places such as Willows Farm or Shepreth Wildlife Park.


On a Thursday Morning the Children visit Katherine Semar for a P.E session. The children enjoy learning new skills, co-operative play, balancing and climbing and much much more.

Preparation for school Transition

Our aim for children who leave us for school is that they are confident, curious and ready to learn even more! We encourage our pre-schoolers to be independent and able to communicate with adults and their friends. We do our best to make sure that by the time the children start school they have good pencil control (and hopefully write their own name) can recognise numbers, at least up to 10 and count to this confidently. Have a love of books and recognise some sounds, to name just a few of the skills in which we feel are important for their future progress. In Rainbow Pre-School we do our best to help the children to have as much fun as possible, as we believe that as a result of this they will gain in confidence and will want to learn.